Royal Welsh Showground Wedding | Kate & Geoff

Summer weddings like this one, are the ones I love to be a wedding photographer at.  As relaxed as you like, both Kate & Geoff were a pair of beauties to work for.  Right from our very first meeting I knew that if they hired me, the wedding they had planned would be right up my street. (Thankfully they did hire me!).  They were planning a Royal Welsh Showground wedding at the height of summer. ‘Nothing too formal’, ‘very relaxed’, ‘natural’ were words that all sounded like music to my ears.


A full wedding at the Royal Welsh Showground is a bit of a novelty, as a rule they don’t have too many (although I understand this is about to change).  The full 3 minute journey to the venue in the morning was very nice and a refreshing change also!

Now if I could pick just two words to describe this Royal Welsh Showground wedding, I wouldn’t have to think long about what they would be.  Laughter and tears!  Honestly, if Kate wasn’t laughing, she was crying!  And when she wasn’t crying, she was laughing!!

Kate’s original plan was to have an outdoor wedding ceremony.  However, these are always a little bit of a gamble when you choose to have a wedding in Wales.  The weeks leading up to the wedding were rather wet so the decision was made to move the ceremony inside.  Although a very wise decision, I must admit I did try my hardest to persuade her otherwise.  Heels + soft ground = good photo opportunities!


A choreographed first dance got the evening started, with young usher Spencer again clearly stealing the show.  The first time being the speeches earlier in the day. Also being the longest day we were treated to some gorgeous light at sunset which thankfully both Kate & Geoff were keen to make the most of.  A wedding photographers dream.

Then it was back to the party. The band had everyone up on their feet dancing the night away.   And yes, that massive bottle of Prosecco you may see in some of the photos? Geoff soon made sure it wasn’t full for long! 

From beginning to end, this wedding day was a blast to be a part of. Kate and Geoff were so much fun and stuck to their pre-wedding philosophy of wanting a relaxed wedding day perfectly.  So many tears, so many laughs and just a great day all around.  Thanks again both.


The Royal Welsh Showground, although rather large, has some great (and unique) locations that could be utilised for wedding photographs and portraits.  We didn’t get the chance to try them all but I’m certainly hoping I get the chance to work there again soon.

 If you’re looking for a wedding photographer for your Royal Welsh Showground wedding, or a wedding at another venue throughout the UK, feel free to get in touch

 Royal Welsh Showground Wedding Photography by Steven Parry.