Powys Wedding | Rosie & Paddy

Rosie and Paddy got married in the Powys countryside back at the end of April and I was lucky enough to be asked to be their wedding photographer.  What a day it was and one that will live on in the memory for many reasons!!  I’ve blogged about a wedding that very nearly didn’t happen before, and this was nearly another. 


Living in such a beautiful area, my job as a Powys wedding photographer doesn’t have many downsides.  I know I’ve mentioned it on many occasions before, but for me there isn’t many better locations.  I can see why Rosie & Paddy decided to have their special day in such a lovely part of the world despite not being local to the area.  The plan was to get married in the local church before returning to Rosie’s family farm for the reception.  Pretty standard practice with Powys weddings.  That was, until storm Hannah joined the party.

In the run up to the wedding the weather hadn’t been too nice, but nothing too out of the ordinary.  This is Wales after all.  However, arriving at the venue early on the wedding day, I was greeted by a scene that looked like something from a disaster movie.  Ok that’s may be a little bit of an exaggeration, but the calmness of most wedding days it was not.  


Unfortunately, storm Hannah with her wind and rain had played havoc causing damage to the marquee.  Everybody from mother of the bride to wedding guests were there doing their best to try to salvage what they could.  Time was ticking on by this point, so at around 11am and despite everyone’s best efforts, a decision was made to move the venue!  Something I had never seen or ever want to see again.  Even I was stressed!  It was all hands on deck for the next few hours as everything was moved, in a downpour I might add, to a local village hall.

Needless to say that after those crazy few hours, a time where I felt a little awkward for taking wedding photographs rather than helping, the rest of the day went great.  The wedding party in particular was jumping!  Both Rosie & Paddy took everything in their stride.  No doubt they will look back on their Powys wedding and laugh at how the day unfolded.  It certainly wasn’t an average wedding day.

The general kind heartedness and willingness of friends and family really made this day happen.  Without each and every one of them helping out I wonder if this day would have happened.  The community spirit shown really was a joy to see. In such circumstances it proves just how fondly Rosie and Paddy are viewed by their family and friends.


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