A Winter Wedding at Foyles of Glasbury - Sarbinda & Chris

A Winter Wedding at Foyles of Glasbury

Aside from the usual dreary wet and cold weather, December also brought with it my last wedding of 2018 but also a new wedding venue in the shape of Foyles of Glasbury which was the venue for Sarbinda & Chris wedding reception.

Technically, as Sarbinda and Chris had already tied the knot in Nepal previously this was more of a blessing and a chance for those that couldn’t make it to Nepal to be part of a special day. However there was representation from people from all over the world. I always love meeting new people at weddings, especially those from different countries. I’m always intrigued as to how cultures and traditions differ and have been lucky this year have met people from many different countries.

Unfortunately the aforementioned dreary wet and cold Welsh weather was in full force, a fact not lost on some of the guests who had made their way from much sunnier climbs. But I suppose it was a real Welsh welcome!

Foyles of Glasbury Wedding Venue

My day began with the bridal preparation which took place at the impressive Foyles of Glasbury. It’s undergone a major refurbishment over the last few years and is now very contemporary. As mentioned earlier it was a new venue for me which is always nice. Some couples get a little spooked if they hear that a photographer hasn’t worked at a particular venue before, but trust me, it’s not a bad thing and if anything can be a very good thing as it forces them to try new things and not just play it ‘safe’ with things they know work.

The time I spent taking some photographs with Sarbinda and her bridesmaids as they got ready was a little different to usual, I’m not sure they were used to this part, but it was fun all the same. Although I’m sure they were thinking ‘what is he doing?’ quite a bit!

Llandefalle church was the venue for the blessing. Situated up in the hills of mid-Wales, I was expecting a very small church, the type that are nestled all over this part of the world, but to my surprise it was a lot bigger and even painted white inside! A bonus on such dark and dreary December day.

One the formalities had be done we hot footed it back to the warmth of Foyles where thankfully an open fire was keeping everyone warm. Queue some drinks, food and as time ticked on, some pretty awesome moves on the dance floor.

All in all, it was a great way to finish off 2018. Sarbinda and Chris thank you for inviting me along to capture your day, you were both a pleasure to work for.