Wintry Weather

Snow, Snow and More Snow!

I suppose I should get this out of the way at the beginning, but this is yet another post containing a few photo's of the snow that arrived (and is still here just about) over the weekend. A quick look on social media and it seems the whole country has gone snow picture crazy. However, I'm a big kid who loves the snow and cold weather so here's a few from my camera over the past few days.

Living in rural Mid-Wales, I have many childhood memories of being out in the snow but for more years than I care to remember, we just don't seem to get the amount that we used to, if infact any at all.  Strangely enough I was only chatting to an elderly couple a few weeks back about how we don't get snow 'like we used to'.

Then along comes Sunday 10th December 2017. What looked to be a fair covering on the ground when we woke was only added to by a whole day of more falling from the sky. By my garden calculations I made it around the 10-11 inches mark. Safe to say it's more than we've had for a good many years!

Cue many walks out and about around the amazing countryside we're so fortunate to live in. Here's just a few, I won't bore you with too many...