Something A Little Different

A Day at the Shoot

Back a month or so ago in the days running up to christmas I was asked by a local pheasant shoot  if I would be interested in taking some photo's at their christmas shoot?  This was something completely new to me, but how could I refuse, it was christmas after all!

Now I've lived in rural areas pretty much all of my life but I have never before been on a shoot.  I had no idea of the how the day would go, no idea of the way shoots operate, no idea of the lingo, no idea of where I should stand, no idea... well, I think you get the picture!!

Luckily all of those taking part from the shooters to the beaters were really helpful and made me feel welcome and explained all the in's and out's of what I should and shouldn't be doing.  An enjoyable day all round and a special thanks must go out to Kevin for driving me around all day.

So something different, a world away from wedding photographs in many respects.  Here's a few photo's from the day.