Back Into the Studio

It's Been A While!!

So this is supposed to be a post primarily about the fab shoot I did with the lovely Amber a few weeks back (more on that a little further down I promise), but I also wanted to just say a teeny tiny apology regarding the lack of content over the last few weeks.

Things have been crazy busy here lately, from designing and building the new website (which is nearly finished), speaking with and sorting new suppliers of products (more also on that later) as well as various photography jobs and with my wedding season literally just around the corner it's been hectic to say the least!!  However I promise to update much more often from now on.  Apology over.

Anyway back to the subject of this blog post - the great studio shoot I had with Amber a few weeks back.  Amber was one of the people who answered my advert looking for models back at the turn of the year.  To be honest I had more outdoor fashion style shots in my mind when the advert went out, but with the weather not particularly playing ball over the last few months it scuppered my plans a little so I decided to try a few studio ideas I had in mind instead and thankfully Amber was available to help out.

Here's a few from the shoot, hopefully you enjoy, and of course if this looks like the type of thing you'd like or you have some ideas of your own that you'd like to try then please get in touch.